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Roatán a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea is about 65 kilometers off the northern coast of Honduras. (The island was formerly known in English as Ruatan and Rattan.)
Big french key arial

This lush green island with its interesting coastline and almost tropical jungle is also a diving mecca.

Here is only a sneak peek at the very small Flowers Bay on the island.  In the background you will see a cruise ship and that is where we are heading.  Right where the action is.

‘Flowers Bay, Roatán Island, Honduras by Filip Kulisev.’

Cruise Ships port at either the Town Centre (Port of Roatán) or at Mahogany Bay in Dixon’s Cove which is both near Coxen Hole. 

Capital of Roatan

Coxen Hole is Roatán’s Capital and here you will find grocery stores like Eldon’s, the Post Office and obviously the local market (Mercado).  I do always advise travelers to stop at local markets as this is where you get to experience the true culture and cuisine of any place you ever visit.  Along the streets you will also find street vendors and fruit carts along with restaurants.  

Some travel essentials

Accommodation in Coxen Hole

International airport

Coxen Hole is also where the nearest International airport is located.

Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Manuel Gálvez) (IATA: RTB, ICAO: MHRO)

Getting around

You can rent scooters on the island at it is a very good way to get around on the island as you will find many potholes and poor road conditions in some areas.  Remember to get your map from the agent when renting your scooter and ask the locals for what to see on the island.  They do speak Spanish and English and are very friendly and eager to help. Scooter rentals are found on the main road in West End and West Bay.

Taxi services are also good to use.

The French Key 2

When is the best time to visit Roatán

Well when thinking of a holiday on the Caribbean Sea, you would definitely want to visit during the months of March to May when the weather is good.  The rainy season is between October and January with November and December seen as the “very wet months”.


Is the Honduras expensive

What to do

Roatán is paradise for any diving or scuba enthusiast.  If you love diving, you simply must add Roatán to your travel list. Located on the world’s 2nd largest coral reef and home to the Cayman Trench (just West of the island), the marine life is rich with a variety of fish species.

The Odyssey is Roatán’s largest deliberate shipwreck and located on a sandy seabed near the village of Mud Hole.  This is a great sport for the lovers of shipwreck diving.

mahogany bay
One of the shipwrecks

Things to do

  • Explore the island and beaches on horseback or go kayaking.
  • The Black Pearl Golf Course is here for golf lovers
  • There are 6 Zipline and canopy tours available in Roatán at the moment.
  • Visit Camp Bay Beach
  • You can go to the Arch’s Iguana and Marine Park or the Manawakie Eco Nature Park
  • Maya Cay is an excellent spot for snorkeling and scuba diving
  • West End Village is definitely the most fun town on the island, with good bars, restaurants, live music, and diving shops. 
  • If you ever dreamed of learning to dive or scuba, this is the place.  Now is your chance.  Just do it and make the booking.
  • Explore the Caves of Helene and Carambola Gardens
  • Listen to the song of Parrots early morning while sipping on your cocktail.  Yes this is Caribbean island time and anything goes, but make sure to include “me-time” on the island, to just enjoy the experience of being there.

Suggested things to do at Roatan

A Top Caribbean Destination

The locals distinguish between the two French Keys, situated next to each other as BFK and LFK.

BIG FRENCH KEY (BFK) is located about a quarter of a mile from the main island. This is a stunning tourist destination and very family orientated with a variety of water sports. Relax and lounge in the hammocks on the white sandy beach.

LITTLE FRENCH KEY (LFK) is a Caribbean paradise.

Experience the life as a Sloth with a tour among these cute and friendly animals living on island time.  Here you can also buy tickets for the underwater museum (Mayatlantis) where you can dive in clear water amongst structures from the Mayan civilization.

But most of all the Little French Key has been voted as top attraction in all of Honduras and you will find something here for the whole family.  This family owned Private Island and piece of paradise was kind enough to open their doors to the public and share this wonderful place.  Ever since tourists flock to this island and experience horseback swimming, snorkeling, family fun or just lazy days in a hammock.


Whatever you choose the Roatán Island of Honduras is definitely worth a visit.

Popular accommodation on Roatán Island