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Megeve Town France

Magical Megève, nestled in the shadow of Mont Blanc

Our rule of thumb was never to ski in the same place. Been there, done that… Until we got to Megève. We’ve been back another three times! And this is why…

Megève is nestled between two rivers.  The name is of Celtic origin, i.e. Mag (house) and Eva (water). When walking through this quaint Haute-Savoie village you soon hear the town’s own music, namely, the bubbling river-runs. 

france megeve chalet white winter snow

What is Megève known for?

The town is well known as a ski resort near Mont Blanc in the French Alps. Conceived in the 1920s as a French alternative to St. Moritz by the Rothschilds, it was the first purpose-built resort in the Alps. It remains one of the most famous and fanciest ski resorts in the world.

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Travel Tip: There is no need to rent a car. The transfer from Geneva airport to Megève will take around 1 hour 30 minutes. Once you’re checked into your accommodation, everything is within walking distance. 

Virgin snow

From sunrise it is a rush to get to the top of the alps to set foot, or is it ski, or snowboard, on the top of the French Alps. There is a sense of wow-ness that is beyond words.

Megeve France
Chemin du Marais 74120 Megeve France Megeve snow

Food & drink

Pancake desert, Megeve, France

Thanks to the town’s farming heritage Megève is one of the most outstanding ambassadors of mountain gastronomy. There is no shortage of excellent restaurants in the town, or on the ski slopes. 

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I highly recommend a visit to this beautiful chalet offering excellent food.  The prices are above average, but the charm, location, cuisine and service…. I can go on, is worth it. It is best to book a table a day or two before your intended visit.



Megève is a warm and welcoming village with cobblestone streets allowing only pedestrians in the town center… and horse carriages. The carriages are around the central square and available to take you sight-seeing, or anywhere practically possible… like taking you home after dinner in town. A perfect way to end and evening.

Megeve, France, horse carraige
Megeve, France, Horse carriage, transport
Megeve, France, transport, horse carriage
Snow Ski in Magical Megève

Virgin Snow

Megève’s magic – to me – is waking up to a morning of virgin snow. Untouched, mystical, pure, clean, and magical. It’s the stuff fairy-tales are made of. White powder everywhere. The air is crisp, fresh, and clean. 

Going up the cable car to catch the first ski run down the mountain is filled with expectation: skiing on virgin snow; your ski tracks are the very first for the day. The view is beyond words and the only sound you hear is that of your own breathing. It sure is a bucket-list item. 


And it is Christmas…

Of all my visits to Megève, the most outstanding ones were over the Christmas festive season. The nativity scene at the center square is beautifully crafted and no detail omitted. The enormous Christmas tree is almost calling you to come look at the beautiful message we (the nativity scene) have of love, peace, hope and joy!


The best ski school Megève

I believe in lasting relationships and that’s what we found in Ski Pros Megève, with Mike Beaudet. We’ve booked group and private lessons and were not disappointed in their attention to safety and their coaching style. Whether you speak English, Italian or French, they come highly recommended. 



We caught a flight to Geneva International Airport and reserved a private taxi to take us to our hotel. The distance by road from Geneva is about 72 km. We also tried the bus service (which was very comfy) from Megève into Geneva.

There is no need to hire a car for the duration of your ski holiday because almost everything is within walking distance once you’ve arrived in Megève. 

T&H Recommended

Travel and Home Hotel of Choice

My best stay is most definitely as close as I possibly can get to the bottom of a ski lift. That said, comfort is equally important.  You get both when you book at the Royal Rochebrune Hotel. Furthermore, it’s within walking distance of the center of town.  And if don’t feel up to the walk back after dinner, then simply grab a horse carriage! 

Where to Stay in Megève

Ski-In Ski-Out Places to Stay in Megève

When I opt for a beach holiday, I like to stay on the beach. The same rule goes for skiing. Ski-to-door access is the ultimate comfort when it comes to finding a place to stay in Megève.