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SKIATHOS, The Emerald Island - Bucket List Travel.

What & where to: See & Do, Eat & Drink, Fly & Stay, tour Skiathos
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Skiathos in the movies

The 2008 hit film Mamma Mia! was adored by millions of people all over the world. To provide the impression that the tale was taking place on the mythical island of Kalokairi, many of the scenes for the well-known film were filmed on the Greek islands of Skópelos and Skiathos. Mamma Mia! was the most popular of all the movies filmed on the island. The thriller Act of Piracy (1988), and The Telemachy (2012) made up the rest of the top three most popular movies filmed on this gorgeous island.

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Get to know Skiathos

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  • Skiathos is a small (less than 50 km²) Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea and a part of a group of islands called the Sporades.
  • The island is an extremely popular tourist destination thanks to the more than sixty sandy beaches that are dispersed along its 44 km of coastline.
  • Greece’s first flag was created and flown for the first time in the nineteenth century at the Evangelistria Monastery in Skiathos, a well-known monastery. Prominent Greeks and religious leaders were present.
  • Its main harbor, the port of Skiathos, is in Skiathos town, the capital city of the luscious island. The port has frequent maritime connections from the towns of Volo and Thessaloniki.

The island developed into a thriving shipbuilding hub during the 1900s. The wood used to construct the ships came from the island’s extensive pine trees. Even today, a small shipyard in the island’s town’s northern section continues to construct caiques, a traditional style of Greek boat.

I suggest you pack comfortable walking shoes because there is no room for counting calories on THIS holiday! I give you the most popular list of what you should eat and drink on the island.

The Top 7

Most Popular Dishes in Skiathos Greek Cuisine traditional Greek dishes
  • Baklava. Filo pastry is used to make the layers of the dessert known as baklava, which is then filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey or syrup.
  • Tiropita (Greek Cheese Pie). An egg-and-cheese-filled Greek pastry constructed from layers of buttered phyllo.
  • Moussaka. This classic Greek dish is created with aubergines, lamb mince, and béchamel sauce.
    Mezedes. This tray of bite-sized fish, pork, and vegetable dishes is the Greek equivalent of the Spanish tapas.
Greek Cuisine traditional Greek food and drinks ouzo gyros kouneli stifado souvlaki street food
  • Ouzo (typically consumed following a meal). This spicy, anise-flavored spirit will undoubtedly make your chest hair stand up.
  • Kouneli stifado. Originally from Skiathos, the stew was prepared with rabbit meat. Today, the version with beef is equally as popular. Other traditional ingredients include onions, tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic, red wine or red wine vinegar, beef or rabbit stock, and olive oil. 
  • Gyros. It’s a versatile Greek favorite made with thin shavings of chicken, lamb, or veal meat. Gyros come in wraps as a popular street food, and you’ll also find it on restaurant menus as a meat dish.
  • Souvlaki. Come to Skiathos if you want to eat the best souvlaki in the entire globe.

Pick your passion - See & Do

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Whether you’re going for exquisite sunsets to explore, or just lazing on the beach, Skiathos is a bucket list holiday destination, without any doubt. Chat with your friends and plan your great escape to Skiathos. You’ll be forever happy for doing so.

  • Skiathos features several beautiful structures that draw tourists to the area. Among these are the Kastro Ruins, Holy Monastery of Evangelistria, Old Monasteries of Panaghia Ekonistria and Panaghia Kechria, as well as the Byzantine Church of Christ in the Castle.
  • The 1837-built Church of Panaghia Limnià, the Church of Tris Ieràrches, the Bourtzi Peninsula, and the Papadiamantis House – Museum- are among noteworthy sights in the town.
  • The seascape around Skiathos is beautiful. The beaches are proof of this. They have azure waters that are ideal for watersports and beaches that reach all the way to the horizon. Koukounaries Beach, Lalaria (the famous pebble beach), Banana Beach, Xanemos, Megali Ammos, Achladies, Vromolimnos, Maratha, and others are a few of Skiathos’ well-known beaches. The best beach in Greece and the seventh best in the world is Koukonaries beach.


Book your flight tickets direct to Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport (IATA: JSI, ICAO: LGSK) on the island of Skiathos, Greece. 

Northeast of the island, next to a lagoon and a lowland isthmus dividing it from the peninsula of Lazareta, is where Skiathos International Airport is located.

By the way, why not extend your trip with a stay in Skopelos, the Mama Mia island? Skopelos also makes use of the airport on Skiathos.


Award-Winning Hotels in Skiathos

Where you stay can make or break your well-deserved holiday. We’ve put together the following list of luxury hotels in Skiathos that won the TripAdvisor 2022 Travelers Choice Award. 

  • Bourtzi Hotel
  • Princess Resort
  • Kassandra Bay Resort & Spa
  • Elivi Skiathos
  • Amira
  • Mystery Kiathos Luxury Residence
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