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Spodek – The Flying saucer-shaped arena in Poland

If ever you are going to a concert or any event at Spodek in Poland, here is your one stop for arranging your stay nearby.

This indoor arena in a park setting is very popular for rock concerts and sports including basketball.

Spodek Arena Poland Katowice

Map, location(s) & directions

Getting around is easy, but we would suggest renting a car to enable you to travel at your own time and see more of the surroundings.  (You can do so online at above link – for the best price.)

Where to find Spodek Arena

International airport

Katowice Airport (KTW) is an international airport, located in Pyrzowice, 30 km north of Katowice, Poland.  (Search for the best price on tickets at the above link.)

Rent a car and Explore Sites in and around Katowice

  • Będzin— located 13 km from Katowice – medieval origin city with a castle, Gzichów palace and Jewish heritage.
  • Dąbrowa Górnicza— located 16 km from Katowice- popular tourist spot with artificial Pogoria lakes ( I, II, III and IV) and famous Błędowska Desert
  • Czeladź— located 10 km from Katowice- small city with neoromanesque St. Stanislaus church and workers’ colony Piaski called “little Nikiszowiec”
  • Jaworzno— Mountainous city famous by Sosina artificial lake
  • Świerklaniec — located 24 km from Katowice- place with a nice palace and park
  • Tarnowskie Góry— located 27 km from Katowice- old city with UNESCO World Heritage Black Trout Adit
  • Częstochowa is one of Poland’s most spiritual sites.
  • Cieszyn— a medieval town on the Czech-Polish border with a nice town square.

Is Poland expensive


Hotels in Katowice (near Spodek)

More accommodation options

Accommodation options in Katowice – near Spodek Arena

Things to do

…in Katowice

More THINGS TO DO at your favorite destination

Things you must experience while you are there:

  • Silesian Museum (Former coal mine)
  • Silesia Park
  • Dabrowa Gornicza Pogoria I Lake
  • Zbiornik Pogoria Lake – A popular tourist spot for a safe family day of swimming.
  • Cuizine:  Try a Zapiekanka, a Polish Pizza Sandwich
  • Do a Polish Beer Tasting
Katowice city

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