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As times change, we are often safe at home but longing for those travel days.  You can have travel fun at home.  Here are a few Staycation ideas:

Enjoy lazy summer staycations

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard or even a view of a lake or river, enjoy.  Just use the lazy days to soak up some sun and Vitamin D.  Enjoy a cocktail with a view of the water.  In my opinion, everything is better when you have a view of the water.  It’s so peaceful and quiet; except for when the family enjoys jumping and making splash-bombs in the pool.  Then you’ll have to join in the fun.  

Summer holiday at the pool Travel and Home

With a few fancy cushions and cocktails, you can imagine having an afternoon of fun at a luxury hotel.  Try our 10 Best Cocktails from around the world

Experience cuisine from around the world

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Even if you’re stuck at home, you can enjoy the flavors of foreign countries.  Try out new cuisine.  Learn to cook something from your own ‘special-world-destination’. 

We have some tips on how to make it fun, on our World Recipes page.  Try Portuguese Cuisine – Pastries and sweets.

Or book a fabulous online cooking experience to enjoy from the comfort of your very own home, with eatwith.

A New York park picnic at home

A garden picnic especially on a Sunday is just special.  Take that beautiful picnic blanket and spend a Sunday afternoon with your family in your own garden. 

You can bring out the ready-made snacks or just make sandwiches.  It doesn’t have to be glamourous.  It’s all about being together and enjoying the moment. 

Make up your own Travel Trivia game from memories of past travels and laugh the worries away.  Imagine yourself having a picnic in a park in New York and maybe recreate that moment.

New York park picnic Travel and Home

Enjoy Hotel Room Service

If it’s cold where you are, and summer days at the pool or outside are not quite on your list, this is for you.  Why do we love hotel rooms?  The setting is beautiful.  It is quiet.  It is just peaceful.  Well, in that case, dolly up your bedroom and make it into a special holiday hotel room.  (Online ordering makes it possible.)  Even if you just add pretty cushions and flowers to make it feel special.

Then, don’t cook tonight but order in (if possible) and enjoy that quiet time in your ‘hotel room’ with an awesome movie or good book. 

(Tip:  Watch a movie that includes your favorite destination:  Like “When in Rome” or “Letters to Juliet”.)

Even if you’re alone:  Create a special tea tray with snacks and something to drink, get a movie and enjoy your own ‘hotel’ stay.  I think this is one of the best staycation ideas.

Re-create a camping trip at home

Go on a camping trip in your own backyard

You don’t have to do this only for little kids.  This could be a very romantic evening if you’re just married.  Or it can be a trip down memory lane if you’ve enjoyed a few awesome camping trips together. 

Just get out that camping gear and get your campfire going for the marshmallows.  This can be just as much fun as a night under the stars at your favorite camping spot. 

OK, you might not have the sound of the waves or the lions in the background.  But you can still enjoy campfire storytelling and a change of scenery.

camping in your own backyard
This staycation idea can last for one night or a weekend.  It is all your choice.

Enjoy a winter trip around the world (in your home)

Take a winter holiday trip around the world, without leaving your home.  Everyone can help to make it fun.  

1) Start the day with breakfast in Paris: A typical breakfast in Paris might consist of a croissant served with fresh fruit, jam, and cheese.  A special coffee like a ‘café au lait’ or ‘café crème’ or fruit juice to be served with breakfast.  Stay in your jammies for as long as possible…

2) Do lunch in Italy:  A typical Italian lunch consists of a first course (il primo) which can be pasta, a second course (il secondo) which can be fish or meat, and then served with a salad or vegetables.

3) Afternoon tea in London:  A sophisticated high tea with delicate snacks (you can order from a deli or make some yourself.  There are thousands of quick and easy ideas online.) – Yes you can eat that extra meal and you can enjoy some pastries.  After all, it is a staycation idea with a difference…  Don’t make huge amounts of food, just small servings.  Leaving just enough space for all the food fun of the day. 

4) Dinner in Switzerland:  A Chocolate or Cheese fondue is a great idea.  It can be either romantic or great family fun.  Above all, it is just a matter of placing everything on the table and you’re ready to go.  (You can buy ready-to-use fondue packets online.)  Cozy up by a fire if you have a fireplace.

Then spend some fun time playing family games like charades or cards as you would on a family holiday.  The time spend together is precious and this is exactly what holidays are all about – making memories.

Staycation family fun idea - Stay at a hotel for free

Should your family be up to having a bit of fun, you can always ‘imagine-holiday’ for a day or two.  This is how it works. 

Day 1.  The kids are the hosts.  They need to make sure their guests are welcome in their ‘hotel’ and obviously serve dinner by candlelight.  The parents get to enjoy a romantic dinner which they did not have to prepare themselves. 

Day 2.  The parents are the hosts.  They treat their guests to a fun day at their ‘home-hotel’ or B&B.  The kids get special entertainment (like a hotel-popcorn-movie-night).

And so you can use your imagination.  It can be great fun and you all get to spend a night for free at a ‘home-hotel’. 

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