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Most visited countries in Africa, as surveyed by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

The outbreak of the world’s COVID-19 pandemic skewed tourism impressions for 2020 and 2021. Tourists traveled to places that were ‘open to travel’ and not necessarily according to their bucket lists. The list below reflects the most popular countries prior to the outbreak, which happened towards the end of 2019. Thus, the most popular destinations in Africa during 2019.

The local currency is the Kenyan shilling. However, have some USD in your pocket to bargain prices down. Try Kenya’s cuisine. For example, “nyama choma” (grilled goat meat, but they also use beef sometimes – just ask beforehand) and “matoke” (a plantain stew).

Go between May and October when it is dry and not so warm. The local currency in Mozambique is Metical (plural Meticais). However, you will be fine with South African Rand (ZAR). Carry USD the more north you travel.  Tofo is a popular beach destination. In addition, Ibo Island has pristine beach excursions, colonial-era ruins, snorkeling, sea kayaking, dhow sailing, birding, mangrove forests, sumptuous seafood, romance, simplicity, tranquility, and a perspective that will change your life forever.

Generally, it is not acceptable to use alcohol unless in a home, restaurant, bar, or hotel. In fact, it is illegal to consume alcohol in public. Algeria is one of the Islamic countries in Africa. They mostly speak Arabic and Berber. Also, a bit of French. Unless you speak the languages, it will be wise to team up with a tour guide or group. 

Try all the food. The South Africans enjoy a wide variety of traditional meals from the diverse Rainbow Nation. Don’t go to a township unless you are with a tour group. Shop the flea (street) markets!

Jakob Z.
Jakob Z.Botswana
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"This was a trip of a lifetime with fantastic animal watching experiences, so our best ever safari trip."
Max138Ivory Coast
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We teamed up with a local tour guide and never looked back. He knew where to take us, what to do when, and the big bonus was mixing with the locals. Will do it again!!
Jane Maxwell
Jane MaxwellGarden Route, South Africa
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The best holiday so far! I fell in love with the country, and it was cheap considering the currency exchange from the US. It was as safe as any other country - just travel responsibly and don't take public transport. We hired a VW and traveled the Garden Route. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

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