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Our Own Bucket List – 6 Beautiful Places

We’re spilling the beans !!! There are still quite a few fabulous places which we haven’t been able to visit yet. Places great reviews! Yes, we also have a travel bucket list that still needs to be explored. So we’re sharing our secret. 6 Fabulous places (hotels) on our own travel bucket list: #1 – Hotel Singer The Singer hotel in Berwang, the district of Reutte in the Austrian state of Tyrol, is definitely on my bucket list. Although it is a popular ski destination, I would love to go during the summertime.

32 Beautiful & Best Greek Islands To Visit Listed by size. From the largest Greek islands to the smallest, Greece is calling you…! Small but Packaged to the Brim! Imagine excluding Santorini from our list just because it did not make the cut for the top 30 islands by size? With only 0.2 sq. km smaller than our 30th island, Santorini is a dream destination. So, we added this stunning dream holiday destination. We end our article on a high note by adding another small but mighty island, namely Mykonos. It’s quite down the list in size, but well worth a visit. Mykonos is a little paradise.

List Of 32 Beautiful & Best Greek Islands To Visit

Travel Bucket List – 40 Top Destinations In The World

Would you love to tick off some of these countries on your bucket list? If you have a Travel Bucket List containing your top holiday destinations or places you would love to see, the list might be a bit long. Let’s say you have 12 places you would love to visit, think of the top 3 on your list and find a way to make it happen. Don’t think ‘why not’. Think… “How can I make this happen…” 2020 – 2022 Since December 2019, there have been a lot of challenges. In 2020 traveling the world became a longing to the past and a sad no-go.

Christmas Around The word

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Travel-and-Home’s recommended gardens to visit in Italy Here is a list of the best gardens to visit in Italy or at least some of the most beautiful gardens that we know of. Undoubtedly, Italy has a rich history and stately gardens are right at the heart of it. To try and explain the beauty of these gardens would be a sin. In my opinion you just have to see and experience them in real life.

Events in Europe

Make it an unforgettable trip. Combine your trip with a show and create unforgettable memories!

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The Most Beautiful Gardens To Visit In Italy

Travel Tips

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