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Why Sardinia must be on your bucket-list

The magical Island of Sardinia, Italy is definitely worth a visit and a special place on your travel bucket-list.  

Italy has the most amazing sunsets with hues of pink and orange.  Actually I cannot describe it, but to experience it is unbelievable.  Therefore I am including a view spectacular sunset places in this article.

Sardinia, Italy has many picturesque coves, stunning beaches and dramatic rock formations, and the only way to reach many of these places is by boat.  Undoubtedly a charter boat trip would be the safest option, unless you are experienced.  Maybe you have been dreaming of a day trip on a catamaran.  You can explore some of the 300 caves accessible to travelers or you may decide to venture out to the lakes and lagoons to spot flamingos or do some mountain hiking.  The options are endless.

sardinia street caffe
Photo: Discover Sardinia


If you love the “old town” feeling of villages in Europe this one will immediately catch your eye.  I think the architecture and narrow Italian streets is just fascinating.  Therefore Alghero is definitely part of the must-see villages in Sardinia. 

Alghero has its own international airport, so getting there is not an issue. It is also known as Alghero–Fertilia Airport.

The town has a unique atmosphere and the locals fondly refer to it as “Barcelonetta” (Little Barcelona.)  It is on the Northwest side of the island and encircled by ancient walls.  But it is the cobblestone old town center with its imposing bell tower that I love.

Must see places in and around Alghero:

  • The Alghero Cathedral
  • The Cathedral’s bell tower (open to travelers)
  • Capo Caccia (The majestic limestone cliffs – sunset photo opportunity – just stunning)
  • Grotta di Nettuno (a jaw-dropping beautiful stalactite cave)
  • La Piazza Civica: the main square where you can have coffee and soak up the atmosphere
  • The Coral Museum (The town is known for its red coral jewelry.)
  • The church / Chiesa San Michele with its colorful tiled dome.
Chiesa San Michele
Photo: Chiesa San Michele

In Sardinia, the art of making sheep’s cheese, Pecorino Romano, was perfected through the ages and it is now exported all over the world.  Obviously you just have to taste their Pecorino and Fiore Sardo cheese while visiting the beautiful La Piazza Civica (town square).

Things to do

…in Alghero


Bosa arial
Photo: sardiniabeaches

Another place which is beautiful is the colorful town of Bosa.  Bosa is the perfect place to escape from city life. With its many photo opportunities:  wrought-iron balconies and colorful houses along a beautiful river, it is picture perfect.  Including a beautiful historic town square with café’s to rest after some much-needed sight-seeing adventures. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful towns in Italy as the river Temo flows through, creating beautiful vista.

Remember to visit some of the pristine beaches:

  • Bosa Marina beach – another sunset evening
  • Capo Marrargiu – for nature lovers
  • Boat trip on the river – photo opportunities
Sardinia Street
Sardinia View


The city of Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia so it is definitely a “must visit”. 

My top things to do in Cagliari, Italy:

  • A Cagliari E-bike tour – Sounds like fun?
  • Attend Culurgiones cooking class
  • Do a market tour
  • Visit San Benedetto market to shop
  • Winery and oil mill tasting and tour
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria
  • Visit San Vito Church
cagliari san vito church
Photo: San Vito Church

Things to do

Costa Smeralda

Undoubtedly, Costa Smeralda is the place for the rich and famous, but also for everyone loving a tourist hot-spot.  While listed as one of the most expensive locations in Europe when looking to buy property, it is still one of the best places to capture incredible photos.

Some of the main attractions would be the white sandy beaches, golf clubs, private jets, and helicopter services,  but there is also a very famous place to visit:

Capriccioli – Accommodation:

If you are searching for something “different” to the normal holiday, we found it:  Hotel Cala di Volpe.

Cala di Volpe is famous for the James Bond movie from the 1977’s –The Spy Who Loved Me, (Bond played by Roger Moore). 

Book your accommodation

Cala di volpe sardinia
Photo: Cala di Volpe

So, Dearest Diary, I am going to stay in a “James Bond Hotel”. 

In my view Sardinia, Italy is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  You need time: Lots of time, to visit and explore this island.  Obviously there is so much more to see, so I’ll just have to come back for another visit.

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