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OK so you are now spending a lot of time at home and you could get to that stage where you’ll be thinking:  “What do I do with myself today?” 

Here are a few things that might be important stuff to get in order; after all you don’t want to be stuck fixing things when the opportunity to travel across the world opens up again.  so here we go:  10 Things to do during lockdown – The “Getting-Ready” list for Travelers.

10 Must do things

Should you need stuff from the shop; rather order online.  It saves you time and money and it is a safer option.  (We’ll provide links and ideas below for your easy access.)

If you have a camper van or caravan

Clean out and do the necessary maintenance.  Sew or buy new curtains and bedding.  Replace broken dishes or old cutlery.  Spring-clean and make it pretty for your next trip to your favorite holiday spot.  Should you need new gas appliance, or pots and pans, now is the time to replace and get it ready.

For owners of a holiday home

This is also the time to do some maintenance and spring-cleaning.  Maybe it is something small like that shower curtain you keep forgetting to replace.  Or you need a timer for the garden and a new outdoor umbrella for the braai area. You can order it online, and put it somewhere safe;  ready for when the new holiday season opens, and one more thing ticked from your “to do” list. 

And if you’re not the owner but you love renting a home somewhere special while traveling, check out the places available online at (see link below) and start planning.

The best time to sort through all those souvenirs

Certainly on of the best things to do during lockdown.  Firstly read our article on “what to do with your travel souvenirs” for some interesting tips.  Thereafter start sorting.  Get those box frames to store your memories, or neatly store it away in beautiful memory boxes which you can easily access to show friends and family and share the memories.

Start early on buying gifts for your travel buddies

Our article gives you plenty of ideas on awesome gifts that travelers will really use and appreciate.  So, upcoming Christmas and / or birthdays all sorted in no time.

If you are a keen traveler and feeling a bit "boxed in"

Start planning your next trip.  You can visit our blog-page for loads of ideas on awesome places to visit.  Then get your traveling gear ready.  Buy those hiking boots, replace that old traveling bag and upgrade your backpack.

Time to upgrade on technology

So you’ve wanted to replace your camera for a while now.  Maybe it is the perfect opportunity to do the necessary research.  Or if you already know exactly what you want, place your order.  At the same time, get rid of old technology.  Sell them online.  Not at a ridiculous price, but you may make some beginner travel vlogger or just a family with big dreams, very happy.  Furthermore it is money in your pocket.

Get yourself a map of the world

Get yourself a world map and pin down all the places in the world you’ve traveled to already.  This is a fantastic and pretty awesome display for any travelers’ home.  Going forward you can then track and plan your next trips.

Get ready for those long road trips

When traveling with children you often need some “creative activities” for the long road.  Buy your stock of ‘paint by numbers’ or other craft activity boxes and stow them away to be ready for your next road trip.  Here are some awesome ideas for all ages.  (And maybe while you’re busy, get things to do during lockdown for the kids while at home too.)

Spending the holidays at home

Get some family fun holiday activities to keep them entertained.  Not everything has to include a computer.  Activities that include water are always fun in summer time (E.g. water spray for the garden or a pool.) Then in winter, what about a new family board game and some lovely winter pajamas to snuggle up in.  This could be just the right thing to bust the boredom. 

Family outdoor activities - Go local

Head off on a hike, a walk in a park, explore your neighborhood if possible, or do some geocaching.  It is all free of charge and if you love nature it sure is one of the best things to do during lockdown.