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If you’re anything like me, you love seeing, exploring, and experiencing beautiful places.  Doing fun things and enjoying the beauty of life.  With all the things happening in the world, these opportunities are so limited.  Sadly it is not something you just jump into without thinking anymore…  But I discover every day that there are still loads of wonderful things to do, places to see, and “stuff” to explore, all within safe measure…


A few important things when booking adventures

When booking great activities, there are 3 things you need as a priority.

In Summary - TRAVEL TIPS

Booking with any operator, you should have the option to cancel up to 24 hours before the activity starts.  You don’t want to waste money.

Nobody wants to or has the time to stand in long lines, so skipping the long ticket lines are fabulous and enables you to spend your time wisely.

When you need help, you want somebody there.

Some Fabulous Ideas:

No matter where in the worldIstanbul, Cuba, Philadephia, Budapest, Christchurch, Myanmar, Russia, Dublin, Portugal, Cape Town, South Africa, Barcelona, Italy, Switzerland, Madeira…

Book and Discovery

Search and book trips, tours, workshops, and much more anywhere in the world.

Who we use and recommend - Easy to Use Links

We can recommend two companies that we, ourselves, use daily to book adventures, sightseeing tours, and more:

Book fabulous experiences in your own country or for your next holiday:

No matter where in the world:  New Orleans, Mexico, Aruba, Aukland, Buenos Aires, Quebec, Perth, Alicante, Lofoten, Queenstown…anywhere…

Travel Tip

You can decide on the size of the group you want to join.  Book a small group or private adventure, or make friends by joining a fun group with people from around the world.

What to do in New Orleans

What to do in Mexico

Ideas on What to do in Italy

Things to do in Cape Town

Discover hidden gems

“It’s time to head away from the crowds. These experiences reveal the hidden gems and local favorites you might otherwise miss—whether it’s learning to cook regional dishes, browsing neighborhood markets, or doing something completely unexpected.” – Viator

Type of adventures and tickets you can book online

  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Nature & Adventure
  • Attraction Tickets
  • Local Culture
  • Hop-on Hop-off
  • Virtual Experiences
  • Food & Drink
  • Boat Tours
  • Day Trips
  • Transportation
  • City Cards

Popular things to book online: Virtual Experiences are becoming a favorite all over the world. Interactive virtual travels and workshops where you learn to cook regional dishes...and more, from the comfort of your home.

Things to do in Pretoria

Tour around the world

Book a ready-made holiday adventure tour to a special destination.

Ready to book some fun? Beat the crowds:

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