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Top Hungarian Food and Drinks To Try in Hungary

Hungarian Cuisine

At home Hungarians’ typical breakfasts are meat-based, like cold sausage-type minded meat such as kolbász (Hungarian sausage) or szalámi (salami). Breakfast is complemented with fresh bread and some vegetables or jam.

The locals have their main meal of the day at lunchtime.  A typical main meal usually consists of soup, a main dish, and dessert.

Dinnertime is between 7 pm and 9 pm. If you’d like to book a restaurant for dinner, make a table reservation for around 8 pm.

Try these...


Szeged (together with Kalocsa) is the home of Paprika, also referred to as “red gold” by locals, in Hungary, where it’s a culinary staple. For example, sweet paprika has an exquisite flavor and is a delicious addition to rubs and marinades, potatoes, classic chicken paprikash, traditional goulash, and much more.

This premium spice, usually harvested from September 8th to the beginning of October, is also exported to countries such as the USA.

A visit to a few paprika venues is necessary to get that authentic paprika experience.

Like the privately-owned Paprika Museum. Here you’ll see a small display of collectibles relating to paprika. Best you phone before you go, because they are not always open to the public. They’re at Röszke, II. körzet 50/B and you can call them at +36-62/272-788 or email

Hungarian Paprika - What To Look For...

"If you are looking for products made from Hungarian paprika, it will be a very easy task, as there are dozens of delicacies on the shelves of the shops that are based on this spice. But should you even start? Do not miss out on these products if you are in Hungary!" - The Hungarian Paprika.


Goulash Dumpling

What to eat in Szeged Hungary Goulash Dumpling travel and home
What to eat in Hungary? Goulash Dumpling!
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And then there is Pálinka, a fiery fruit brandy usually distilled from plums, apricots, and pears. There are endless different variations. 

Kecskemét is famous for its Pálinka distilleries. It’s about 91 km from Szeged (1 hour by car), towards Budapest. And since it’s on your way to Budapest, it makes for a nice added excursion.

Festivals in Szeged, Hungary, travel, travel and home

PICK Salami

This popular Hungarian brand, from the Szeged region, is in operation for about 140 years, using a secret recipe. 

“Made from pork and spices, winter salami is cured in cold air and is slowly smoked. During the dry ripening process, a special noble mold is formed on the surface of the product.”

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Hungarian Salami Pick Szeged food and drink in Hungary what to eat


Street food

And then, Lángos (pronounced langosh). An absolute must. The classic Lángos is brushed with garlic first, then topped with sour cream and cheese.

The name for Hungarian Lángos comes from the word láng which means flame.

Have You Had Your Lángos Today?

When in Hungary it is almost compulsory to try the country's national street food.


Street food

The pastry shells are formed from sweet yeast dough, which is then basted in melted butter and roasted on a spit over coals. It’s BEST straight off the coals and that opportunity you’ll get at all the Hungarian festivals.

Cinnamon Cake traditional Hungarian street food cuisine
Chimney cake
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Ice Cream

Szeged Hungary Hongarye Magyar Ice cream what to eat travel and home
Ice cream

Ice cream is BIG in Hungary. The ice cream market is worth over 35 Billion HUF, or over 1.7 Billion ZAR! The variety is ENDLESS – you just HAVE to try Hungarian ice cream.

Kókuszos Keksztekercs

How to make coconut biscuit roll keksztekercs recipe hungarian gastronomy cuisine travelandhome travel and home reis en huis
Kókuszos Keksztekercs

Kókuszos Keksztekercs is a coconut biscuit roll that transfers your tastebuds straight to heaven. Even if you’re not a fan of coconut!

Go to the recipe.

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Typical dishes you should try while in Hungary Hungarian cuisine traditional food