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Over the past year or two, we’ve seen dramatic shifts in the way we live, work, and travel.  Everything changed.  We thought we knew what to expect for the following year, and then again the world as we knew it, changed.  The experts can guess and make predictions, but in the end, the biggest new trend is “spur of the moment” travel.  People book tickets and make reservations at the spur of the moment as and when travel opportunities open for them.  We no longer need to work 24/7 from an office.  The world opened its doors for us to work remotely from anywhere.  Therefore the Top Travel Trends for 2022 is heading in the direction of comfort, experiences, and living your best life.

Top Travel Trends for 2022

Outdoor Activities - Only the Best

We want to immerse ourselves in an activity.  Have the full experience.  Live the moment.  Be part of it.

Fun activities and outdoor adventures are still hugely popular choices for families as well as solo travelers.  Although more relaxed, we still tend to avoid overly crowded places, and that’s where the great outdoors come in.  Space, beauty, fun, adventure, and everlasting stories to tell.  However, there is a rise in lux travel, like glamping or just experiencing the best that is available out there.  If you are fortunate enough to travel across the world, why not book special Instagram-worthy experiences like:

  • A camel safari in Dubai
  • Hiking the Cinque Terre in Italy
  • Visit Mount Vesuvius
  • Bike tours in Amsterdam
  • Sunrise breakfast on Mount Batur in Bali
  • River rafting and a boat trip around the world.


We simply don’t have the time anymore to stand in line for tickets.  (It’s a waste of precious time.)  Book your sightseeing online and do some fabulous skip-the-line tours of some of the best places in the world.  You can book private tours or small group tours, it is up to you, but a guided tour is always an interesting option, as you get some personal views, information and often access to extra sights which are off-limits to the general public.  Fabulous options like:

Effortless Travel Options

We want options.  The option to travel to beautiful places, decide how we spend our time and have the option to sit back and relax.  🙂  Booking with Trafalgar gives you the option to enjoy a fabulous memorable tour without the hard work of making all the arrangements yourself.  Travel worry-free.

Luxury Game Drives / Safari

Any game drive you can go on is always an amazing experience.  No two tours are ever the same.  Fascinating animal experiences, up-close encounters, and extraordinary photo opportunities are just some of the words that come to mind.  You can book a game drive exclusively for your family or just the two of you on a romantic getaway.  Again, the focus is on lux travel and photo-worthy opportunities (We all want to share those special photos on social media and we all want exceptional service.)  Some fabulous experiences are:

Road trips / Remote work

Road trips are making a big comeback.  Booking an RV or motorhome, taking the road, and exploring beautiful places, are more than just fun.  It is a new way of living.  Working from anywhere in the world.  Take your home with you.  Wake up to spectacular views.  See unfamiliar places from the comfort of “your home on the road”.  If the trip is Vlog-worthy for a TikTok video or fab Instagram photos, all the better.

Segway Fun

Segway Tours are ever popular all over the world.  This makes for the perfect fun outdoor activity.  Don’t worry:  They teach you how to use the Segway so don’t stress.  It only takes a few minutes and training is usually included in the price, so you’ll be a pro in no time.  This might be the perfect fun way to explore your own city from the eyes of a tourist…  It is the hip and happening, young and ‘energetic’ way to explore in style.

The Online Experience - Top Travel Trend for 2022

Enjoying interactive online experiences around the world from the safety of your own home is becoming more popular every day.  The variety is huge, and the fun is way more than watching a movie.  Because you can chat and interact with the host, you become part of the experience.  You’re not just watching from the sideline.  From exploring cities with knowledgeable guides to attending culinary workshops in fabulous countries: it can all be done from the comfort of your living room.  “This travel trend of not traveling” – LOL – is a winner (especially if you’re a total introvert).  How about exploring:

Or attend a fun cooking class or workshop