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When you think of traveling it doesn’t always have to mean “going overseas” or exploring new countries.  “Travel your own backyard” (The latest buzz words) – refers to exploring the country you live in.   Why not try it?  Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to travel your own backyard and experience new adventures.  In fact this article will give you all the reasons why this might be your perfect option.

roadtrip 2020

Road Trip: South Africa

Why should I travel my own backyard, you ask?

Well, let’s check in on the 5 biggest advantages

  • Shorter travel time

Particularly because there is no need for a 9 or 13 hour flight.  You can do a 3 hour car ride or a 4 hour road trip to your favorite holiday resort.

  • Road trips are fun

A road trip is part of the holiday experience.  The “getting there” part can be just as much fun.  Furthermore you get to stop at small villages along the way, which you would otherwise have missed.

  • You have the time

Not everyone is lucky enough to get a two week or three week holiday break, so exploring your own backyard is something you can do over a weekend.

  • Less expensive

Local travel is less expensive.  If you save on international flights you can spend a little extra for the family spoils:  Like a restaurant night or more luxury accommodation or entrance fees to a more expensive excursion.

  • You get to appreciate your own country like tourists do

Above all, as a special bonus, you know more about your country so you get to check out those “hidden gems” tourists often miss out on.

Gallery: Road Trips in beautiful South Africa

How do I plan a trip?

Firstly decide where you would love to go.  Maybe some place you’ve visited many years ago as a child or maybe somewhere that always seemed out of reach.  (We have many ideas on our blog, with references to places where you can stay.) Accommodation options

Then decide on your budget.  Remember to allocate an amount for those “special experiences”, as this is what memories are made of.  Book some vacation activities.  Link to vacation activities and tours available in all countries

Where do I start?

If you need to book a flight; then check for cheap flights on this link. Flights (It’s so easy.)

Should you need to rent a car -check for the best prices on:  Link

Want to spoil yourself and stay in a beautiful hotel, resort or game lodge, where you can be treated like royalty?  Then check out the millions of options available at the above link.

Remember staying in a hotel or resort means

  • No cleaning
  • No making your own bed
  • Room service
  • The feeling of luxury
  • Swimming pool included? In that case the kids are sorted
  • You don’t even have to get in your car and go anywhere – you can relax.
  • Someone else is making dinner….lunch…..breakfast…..and snacks…all sorted on your behalf.

Why not spoil yourself? 

You deserve it and your country is waiting for you to explore and travel your own backyard.

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Travel in your own country

and stay safe