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Travel Bucket List – 40 Top Destinations In The World

Would you love to tick off some of these countries on your bucket list?

If you have a Travel Bucket List containing your top holiday destinations or places you would love to see, the list might be a bit long.  Let’s say you have 12 places you would love to visit, think of the top 3 on your list and find a way to make it happen. 

Don’t think ‘why not’.  Think… “How can I make this happen…”

2020 - 2022

Since December 2019, there have been a lot of challenges.  In 2020 traveling the world became a longing to the past and a sad no-go.  However, we at Travel-and-Home believe that there are now even more traveling opportunities in the world.  Meeting up with old friends across the world.  Hugging our family from far away countries.  Or maybe just traveling again to that fabulous place holding all those special memories from your heart.  Many places are offering specials and excellent packages, so let’s explore.

We are updating our travel list for 2022 with lots of new beginnings in the near future.  The reports show that vacation bookings are on the rise and some places are more ‘popular’ than others.  Obviously depending on what you love…  Don’t be ‘fooled’ by articles saying “Fact:  this is the nr. 1 travel destination” – Choose a destination according to your favorite activities, things to do, or maybe even culture or places of interest.  Pick something that you love, not someone else.  You’ll find a lot of our favorite places to go to, on our website, that might give you ideas.  Have a look at them and maybe you find something you’d love to visit as well.  Make that your next travel destination target and start booking your trip with the useful links we provide you.

Furthermore, if you’re living in a country where traveling is abroad is still not an option for you, it might be possible to “Travel your own backyard” and explore your own country like tourists normally would do.  This can also be great fun.  You can discover many beautiful places.

Either way:  We will never stop dreaming…