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I once heard someone say:  “I only need a suitcase and a travel checklist.  Without my checklist, I am lost..”

Wikipedia’s definitions: 

  • “A suitcase is a form of luggage.”
  • “A checklist is a type of job aid used to reduce failure…”

Interesting explanations – especially the last one.  We all have those days when we suddenly worry “did I pack this or that…”  Using a checklist obviously reduces the possibility of forgetting important stuff.  However should you forget something silly like a toothbrush, it opens up the opportunity for you to shop like a local and experience everyday life shopping in a foreign country or a different town.  So see it as part of the experience and don’t stress too much.

Thankfully today a suitcase is no longer like the huge vintage trunks our great-grandparents got to know.  But, with this in mind, we often still pack way too much stuff for our holidays.



These days the most important stuff to pack are:

  • Laptop
  • Cellphone
  • Adaptors
  • Chargers
  • Spare storage (or cloud)
  • Spare batteries
  • Baggage or luggage locks


And only then….we start thinking of ID, Passport, etc…  LOL  🙂


Packing for a family

Surely the phrase “Rather safe than sorry” sounds very familiar if you have ever packed a suitcase for a trip with the family.  Especially if your family included small babies or toddlers.  Without a doubt, you’ve often packed more than is necessary, just in case.  For example, extra clothes for this and that reason, or extra bottles of shampoo for each person, and there is nothing wrong with this.  I fully agree – being prepared rather than sorry…

suitcase 3

However these days we don’t necessarily have loads of space to pack more than the bare necessities.  Often a suitcase is replaced by a backpack or two.  Although when traveling with kids, you still might need an extra bag, no matter how big an expert you are in the field of best packing tips and tricks.

suitcase 1

We can help - with a travel checklist:

In my opinion, keeping to a list is the best idea.  Set aside enough time to make a list and to check it as you go along with your everyday chores.  For example, I would start a list about a month before a big holiday, and then as I go about my day, I add things or take them off the list as I see it necessary.

We have structured a standard list to help you.  Maybe all you need is a suitcase and a travel checklist to start planning your next trip…

Travel Checklist Travel and Home Infographic


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