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The best time to travel to Europe depends on what you want to do in Europe.

If you’re into snow skiing, the best time to travel to Europe is in winter. Ski holidays in the Alps is a winter wonderland. Conversely, beach holidays on the Greek islands is a summer-sun-kiss experience you won’t easily forget!

But let’s have a look at the best places to have a well-deserved holiday, according to the seasons.

Travel to Europe in the Spring

Having lived most of my life on a different continent, it was an absolute treat to experience the Spring season in Europe. This time as a resident. Previously, I’ve enjoyed the season as a tourist.

Whether as a resident, citizen, or tourist, one thing is a fact: Europe is beautiful in the Spring (March to May). It’s the one continent where clearly, nature conservation shows. Europe has no shortage of trees blossoming in the streets, around every corner. 

The Spring climate is ideal to travel if you don’t like the heat that comes with the summer months. Daytime temperatures are pleasant while at nighttime, you need something warmer. But not nearly as cold as the winter, of course.

If you travel to Europe in Spring, we propose you visit Budapest, known as the City of Baths. In fact, Hungary is the land of thermal spas! It is customary to soak away your troubles in the warm mineral waters. This is customary to create a balanced life in Hungary. Budapest has over a hundred thermal water springs! The country is home to more than 1,300 spas. When you visit Hungary, your visit will be incomplete without at least one spa experience.

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Gellert Spa Visit with Hotel Pickup

Begin your day of relaxation at Budapest's famous Gellert Spa set in a historic 1918 building with beautiful architecture.

Szechenyi Spa Visit with Hotel Pickup

These famous thermal baths are Europe’s biggest hot springs complex, and perfect for relaxing and revitalizing.

Where to stay in Budapest

Travel to Europe in Summer

This is the season when hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder, music gets louder, nights get longer, and life gets better!

Summer in Europe is the one season where the list of places to see and things to do are endless. There are so many ideas for your next trip, you’d have to come back for more. For instance, June to August is the most perfect time for a holiday on any one of the many Greek islands. Especially, Sardinia. If whale-watching is your thing, then head off to the coast of Iceland and Norway. The Amalfi coastline is breathtakingly beautiful, and don’t forget other options such as Montenegro and Croatia. 

Travel to Europe in Autumn

September to November still gives you a lot to do in Europe. Especially in September, when the summer heat has dropped off. September is a great month to travel to Europe if you want to avoid school holidays. This is because the new school year usually starts in the first week of September. The queues are shorter, and accommodation specials are available at much lower prices than during the peak summer season. The sailing season is generally still open, so you can enjoy all the summer benefits, but with less summer heat. 

Usually, in October you’ll experience the leaves turning into shades of orange and red. You can’t help but take photos around every turn and corner. Such as the photo below, taken in beautiful Estonia.

Autumn is also great for exploring beautiful architect, such as a trip to Moscow, Russia.

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Travel to Europe in Winter

December to February can be quite cold in Europe. This is the white wonderland season when trees are sugar-coated with snow. Buildings are dusted in white fluff, looking like structures from a fairytale. It’s also the season where you see Santa climbing up chimneys over the Christmas period in countries such as Austria.

Winter is the time for goulash soup, and gluhwein, Tartiflette, and many more traditional European comfort foods.

Europe is rich in history and culture. If you don’t like the outdoors, this is the time to go museum-hopping!

In addition to all this, this is the time of the year when snowboarders and skiers are at their happiest. Travel to Europe in winter for the best ski holidays ever. The Alps are indescribably beautiful. It will leave you at a loss of words when you stand on top of a mountain surrounded by nature. This is when you realize that travel is more than a holiday. Travel makes you collect moments, not things.

Cortina dAmpezzo Snow Falling Dolomites Skiing
Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy

And last, but not least. It’s the season to explore and see the Northern Lights.

In conclusion, when you travel to Europe, no matter which season, you can count on a travel experience of a lifetime.