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In search of the perfect Wiener Schnitzel

The secret to the perfect Schnitzel is to pound it very thin.  (Trust me – put extra effort into this part of the recipe to ensure an even cook all the way through for the shortest cooking time.)


Course: Lunch, Dinner, Main

Cuisine: German

Serving: 4 persons

Time: 45 mins




  • 400 g pork meat, thin cuts 
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 125 g all-purpose flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 250 g fine breadcrumbs


  1. Pound the pork with a meat mallet as thin as possible (approx. 1/4 inch or 1/2 cm thick)
  2. Lightly season with salt and pepper. 
  3. Prepare a plate with all-purpose flour, one with lightly beaten eggs and one with fine breadcrumbs.
  4. Dip each schnitzel in flour, then the beaten egg, and lastly in the breadcrumbs.
  5. Fry immediately in just enough oil. (I always add two tablespoons of butter to the oil, but this is optional.) 
  6. Remove from pan when done and drain excess oil on paper towels.
Traditional Wiener Schnitzel Austria

Chef Secrets!

The oil must be hot enough so the meat immediately starts to fry.  Don’t let it sit in cold oil, or it will get ‘soggy’ soaking up all the oil.

All your questions answered

Traditional Wiener Schnitzel

How is the tradition Wiener schnitzel served?

The Wiener schnitzel is usually served with potatoes (buttered parsley potatoes, potato salad or fries), slices of lemon and maybe a leafy green salad.  Traditionally it was served with jam as well for a little sweet taste.

What exactly is a schnitzel?

A schnitzel is a thin slice of meat fried in fat. It is pounded with a meat mallet until very thin to ensure even cooking.  It is usually covered with breadcrumbs.  This dish is famous in many countries and people use different cuts of meat eg.:  veal, pork, mutton, beef, turkey or chicken.

What is the origin of the Wiener schnitzel?

The Wiener schnitzel (literally Viennese schnitzel) originates from Austria.  Wienerschnitzel, as it is spelled in Switzerland, is a very important part of the Viennese cuisine.  However having said that, many people believe it is not the true origin and there often is quite a debate around this matter.  Traditionally it is one of the national dishes of Austria and it is prepared as a very thin, pan fried veal cutlet that is dipped in egg and breadcrumbs.

Wiener schnitzel or Schweineschnitzel / German Schnitzel

Traditional Wiener schnitzel is made with veal, while the German schnitzel (or Schweineschnitzel) is traditionally made with pork chops.

What is the difference between Jaeger schnitzel and Wiener schnitzel?

A Wiener schnitzel is a very thin, pan fried cutlet made from veal.  A  Jägerschnitzel (hunter’s schnitzel) is the same cut but served with mushroom sauce.

Restaurant Vienna Austria

2 Places where you can enjoy some of the best Wiener Schnitzels in Austria

(according to our travelers)

Where is Wien in Austria?

Wien is the local (German) word for Vienna and it is pronounced “Veen”.  So Wien is the city of Vienna.

Chef at Home

Cooking tip

When preparing your own schnitzel at home, keep in mind that the breadcrumbs must be fine to ensure a nice texture.  If you want to be different you can create a more modern version by adding parmesan cheese and spices to your liking in the flour dip.

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