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When visiting any foreign country, the best preparation you can do, is to learn a few words in their language.  Not only is it a sign of respect, but you will have people serving you with a smile.  No, we cannot all learn a new language within a few months, but even if you struggle to pronounce a word, the people will still love you for trying.  Just the basics:  Like saying good morning or hallo and thank you, is already a big deal.  

As you can imagine there are quite a few different dialects that’s spoken around Italy.  In some parts of the country you will recognize words easily and in others, you might struggle.  Don’t let that stop you.  You’ll find that you recognize the basic words almost everywhere, and it just might help you in a difficult situation.  Like asking where the hotel is or where the bathroom is….

Let's start / Here we go: Andiamo !

Hallo / Hi / Bye:  Ciao

(The nice thing is you can use ‘Ciao’ for both Hallo and Goodbye.) 

Good morning: Buongiorno

Good evening: Buonasera

Good night:  Buona Notte  (used when saying good night before you go to bed)

Yes: Si

No: No

Please:  Per favore

Thank you:  Grazie