Hand-Picked for You!

Our travels across the world also pleased our tastebuds!

The recipes don’t always compete with gourmet recipes because in many cases they are gathered from home cooks across the world.

Thus, the real thing. As authentic as you can get! 

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OK, so you can’t travel?

Good news!! That does not keep you from world-class food experiences!

Meet friendly, hand-selected hosts for unique, immersive experiences without traveling an inch.

From the French «Madeleine» baking class with your professional pâtissier live from Paris, to the fun mixology workshop led by your very own expert mixologist live from London to share among friends. Or, an authentic Italian pasta-making session with local hosts in Rome!

Pssst... it's also a perfect gift!

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I bet you have a traditional recipe, or two, …authentic and true to your culture.

Share the recipe and its legendary history. Add at least 2 or 3 photos together with your name, and send them to our contact details as set out above.

In return, we’ll get busy in the kitchen! We’ll follow your recipe’s instructions and if we have the same success, your recipe will be published on Travel-and-Home.

Of course, we can’t take the credit for awakening all the sleepy tastebuds, so we’ll credit the recipe with your name. Alternatively, you can let us have an alias name.

How to make the most of your travel experiences

Recipes are great for extending your travel experiences...

And then there are some more great ways to remind you of your recent holiday...

Souvenir shopping is for friends and family. Be creative when you buy souvenirs for yourself. Instead buy home décor that is practical and also a reminder of your travel trip.  I once spotted raw pieces of cork bark in a boutique cork shop in Bonifacio, Corsica. They were thrown into a basket at the entrance with no price tag whatsoever. The owner was surprised to learn about my intention to buy one. Up to today, I use it as a very creative “plate” when I serve a large buffet-style cheese platter.

If you travel with friends or family, plan a pre-travel social. This is great fun. Everybody on Team Travel gets together for a cocktail or a meal and discusses the upcoming trip, expectations, travel tips, and so on.

Souvenir shopping grater small grater cheese

Shop with your post-travel party in mind. Will fit in with your party’s theme? Something as small as a placeholder as a table decoration can serve as both a souvenir and décor. I bought eight miniature cheese graters, in Malmö, as part of the table setting for a post-travel theme party. Each guest could grate their own parmesan cheese, and it served as a fabulous conversation starter.

When you return from your travel journey, throw a theme party that aligns with your recent travel experience. Have a photo album discreetly out on display for those who’d like to page through it. Believe me, very soon everyone will admire your travel photos without you having to take initiative.