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I think we all should have at least one salad secret that makes life much easier.  Something quick and easy that will impress your friends and family.  During our travels across the world, we had a few fabulous salads along the way.  I tried to copy them at home and now we’re sharing them with you.  Some of them were given to us as “travel gifts”, so enjoy our travel treasures with us.

Delicious Salad Recipes and Ideas...

Tried and Trusted Travel Essentials!

Salad Secrets

Fresh as a cucumber


Rather pay more for fresh ingredients and serve smaller portions. 

Salad Secrets Plating Color Ingredients Recipes


Unless it’s an all-green salad, play with at least three colors. 

Salad Secrets Quick Easy Dressing Ingredients Recipes


Green salads are often over-dressed. (See our winning recipe below.)

Salad Secrets Color Ingredients Recipes


Anything tastes better when presented beautifully.

Salad Dressing Recipe | Quick & Easy

Mix about a teaspoon of Maple syrup with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. (Vary measurements to taste.) 

If you have a recipe that maybe was passed on over generations, we’d love you to share your gem with us on our Facebook platform.

Also, if you add a photo or two you may be the lucky one whose recipe is featured on  World Recipes! We might ask you for a story behind the recipe, should you wish to share one. Such as how the recipe got passed on to you and any other interesting traditions associated with the recipe itself.  Let’s share these treasures that should not be lost.

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Fresh is Best Healthy Living Salad Secrets
As fresh as the morning's dew

Grow your own vegetables and smile all the way to the salad bowl. The benefits from doing just that are:

  • Salad secret #1, achieved! 
  • It’s cheaper than buying from the shop, or the market.
  • You get free vitamin D from being exposed to the sun’s rays; thus fewer vitamins to buy.
  • Go organic and be more healthy.
  • You now have a hobby!
  • It’s a natural stress reliever, taking your mind off what bugs you.
  • Impress your guests with your many talents.
  • It’s self-satisfying and gives a sense of achievement.

To help you grow your own vegetables, we’ve selected the top 5 vegetable-growing e-books. And if you want to take it a step further, why not gift one of these books to a friend as a birthday, anniversary, or friendship gift? They make perfect gifts!

The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden, – Karen Newcomb


Grow Easy Vegetables, – Jo Whittingham


Grow Super Salad Greens, – Nancy Bubel


Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening, – Peter Burke


Indoor Kitchen Gardening Handbook, – Elizabeth Millard