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Myanmar’s city of gold – Yangon (previously known as Rangoon)

Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar (previously known as Burma) and it is definitely worth a visit:  Especially if you’re a keen photographer.

Why should you visit Yangon, Myanmar?  Certainly one of the biggest reasons to visit Yangon would be to see all the magnificent Pagodas.  

How many Pagodas are there in Myanmar?

According to stats compiled by the State Sangha maha Nayaka Committee in 2016, there are 1,479 pagodas (exceeding 27 feet / 8.2m in height) in Myanmar.

Therefore earning the country the nickname of:  “The land of pagodas.” 

Things to do in Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon Myanmar

Here are just a few must-see pagodas, you just have to add to your itinerary:

Shwe Dagon Pagoda (Shwedagon Zedi Daw / the Great Dagon Pagoda / Golden Pagoda)  – 105 m in height.

Alanpya Pagoda – 98.33 foot tall

Sule Pagoda – 45 m in height

Kyike Ka San Pagoda – situated in Yadanar Rd, Yangon, Myanmar

Chauk Htat Kyi Pagoda – Visit the 66 m reclining Buddha statue – one of the largest in the country.

Botataung Kyaik Dae Ap Sandaw Oo Pagoda – with Buddah’s sacred hair relic.

Myanmar Buddha lying down
Shwedagon Pagoda Myanmar
Yangon Pagoda
Travel Tip

When visiting the temples you must dress appropriately, so remember to cover up.

Map to some of the major Pagodas
Yangon Myanmar sightseeing

You can book a fabulous ready-made holiday package / multi-day tour.  Then sit back and relax – everything will be ready for you to enjoy.

Pagodas in Myanmar

Is it expensive to travel to Myanmar?

A trip to Myanmar is within reach, but just beware of “budget packages” on offer.  We suggest you rather book with trusted tour operators and stay in recommended places (as mentioned below):

Where to stay in Yangon, Myanmar:

Where to stay

Fabulous places to stay in Yangon

Things to do in Yangon

Booking a ready-made day trip or activity makes live so much easier.  You don’t have to worry about anything.  Just enjoy the experience.  Here are a few useful links we can recommend to book with trusted tour operators.  Book a city or culture tour and see the city from a different perspective with fun interactive information and sharing of knowledge by your tourguide.

More things to do - Exceptional experiences

Attend a Culture Show at Karaweik Palace Yangon

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Cultural, Food & Market Tour Experiences in Yangon


Planning your trip to Yangon, Myanmar

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