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Zaanse Schans Amsterdam

Windmills and Wooden Clogs

This pretty neighborhood called Zaanse Schans is situated near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.  (Province:  North-Holland)

Traditional Netherlands houses and beautiful traditional Dutch windmills create a picture-perfect vista.  Some of the windmills are actually still working and you can go and explore inside.  The sound of cracking wood as the giant cogs turn is something amazing to see and hear.  You can climb up to the deck of the mill and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views.

This is the place to buy your clogs (traditional Netherlands wooden shoes).

Zaanse Schans mills

Zaanse Museum

I would recommend a visit to the Zaans Museum with its many interactive exhibitions.  Here you can see how the raw materials were processed; even chocolate making and wooden clog carving.  You will see people going about doing their specialist craft and they will happily share their knowledge and tell you more.

Zaanse Schans Windmill

A visit to Catharina

Catharina Hoeve is a replica of the traditional farm from Oostzaan.  Here you can learn more about the traditions of cheese making.  The daily demonstrations are in 10 different languages.  A visit to Catharina Hoeve is also an opportunity to taste true Dutch cheese, and yes, you need to buy some for a snack later in the day…

More things to do

  • Watch Artisan Clog making
  • Visit De Kat paint mill
  • Witness the making of tinworks by hand
  • Buy a souvenir and some cheese
  • Take photos while taking a stroll and sightseeing
  • Go to the museum Zaanse Tijd – Here you will find everything related to the concept of time and the mechanics behind it. 
  • Take photos at the Jisperhuisje – A replica of a traditional house in Jisp and the people there are dressed in traditional clothes.  The Dutch people are very friendly and will gladly let you take photos.
Netherlands Clogs

Map, location(s) & directions

Zaanse Schans can easily be reached from Amsterdam via public transport.  The bus routes are very good, but you can also reach it by car or even cycling there.  It is approximately 16.5 km from Amsterdam.

Being part of a Tour Group is fun.

There are some great tours available, which you can easily book online.

Car rental comparisons

Since you are near to quite a lot of wonderful places, you might want to rent a car.  Renting a car is easy and you can book right here online.  At the top of this page are all the links you might need to book the perfect holiday.

You can book accommodation anywhere in the Netherlands from the link below:

A luxurious Amsterdam Zaanse Schans Loft Apartment, is one of the beautiful places you can book via  This beautiful property is located in Zaandijk at the riverside of Zaan and offers an outdoor fitness and is only 650 m from Station Koog-Zaandijk.

Only 12 minutes from Zaanse Schans, you’ll find this hotel in Zaandam, Netherlands.  (Also known as the Lego House.)  Close to the station with easy access to Amsterdam.

A unique experience.  You’ll have fabulous photos and stories to share after your trip.

Is it worth a visit

Yes definitely.  In my opinion Zaanse Schans is worth the visit and I think you need to put aside about 4 hours.  Depending on what you will be doing while visiting.

Save money

Entering the neighborhood of Zaanse Schans is free, but you do pay for entrance at some places.  A way to save money is to get a Zaanse Schans Card.

These are the benefits of having a card:

It allows you free admission to the Zaanse Museum as well as the Weaver’s House, Cooperage, and Jisperhuisje.

You get discounts from participating souvenir shops and restaurants.

There is also a discount on the Windmill boat cruises.  The windmills themselves are not included in the card, so you have to buy tickets at the different windmills.

Our advice

We always advise that you buy your tickets online before going.

In conclusion:  If you are looking for information on the Dutch traditions, or if you want to experience the Dutch traditions yourself, this is where you should go while in the Netherlands.  It is good fun and a really nice family day out.

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